Angela Magoon

My children inspire me daily.  My eldest son Colton helped inspire me to pursue FTC Robotics Club at his school. Colton has always been excited about building robots and discussing new inventions.  As long as I can remember Colton talking, he has talked about inventing and building robots.  By age five, he started sharing that he would like to pursue a degree in robotics from M.I.T.  I knew we had to start saving for his college early!!


I am a Mom of four, and I am a Speech Language Pathologist who runs my own pediatric therapy company.  My passion has always been to help children pursue and achieve their goals.  When I heard about this Robotics club as a possibility through a colleague I was thrilled. I knew that starting up this robotics club would be an amazing opportunity for our children and our community and I feel blessed to be part of it.  
Even though I have no experience with building a robot and have no clue how to program one, I believe I can assist our team in the areas of public relations, fundraising, and communication skills.  Mostly, I am looking forward to all of the information that these intelligent young people will teach me as they learn to work as a team.  Go team CODE CRUSHERS!